Hello! It’s been awhile but I am still alive and well so I thought I’d check in with all you lovely friends. Also, on Monday I told Britt I was going to blog today so I didn’t want to make a liar out of myself. It is about time for me to hop in bed so I’ll keep this brief.

I started The Cuckoo’s Calling on Sunday and I cannot put it down. Anyone else read it? I’m halfway through and all I want to do is neglect my responsibilities and read it nonstop. I sure do love that J.K.

It was 95 and humid today, which is not my idea of a good day. I barely tolerate the heat during the summer and to me September means fall, apples, sweaters, changing leaves, open windows, and much-appreciated cooler weather. I’m probably the only person who will say this, but get out of here, summer. I’m so done with you.

Speaking of fall, we’re headed to the NYC next weekend and I wish more than anything that I could meet up with Joe Fox (aka NY152) and buy a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. (Anyone??)

Miss you, friends. Hope you are all doing very well and that you get to hold a caramel apple cider in your fingerless-gloved hands soon.


^^Paddling the Tidal Basin over Labor Day.^^