Got the following comment from a devoted reader last night:

I am sure this paragraph has touched all the internet people, its really really good post on building up new weblog.

Thank you, spam bot! I’ve been trying to reach out to the internet people since we started this blog, so it feels good to know I have touched every last one of them.

What you get when you do a google image search to find the internet people. Also a pretty great error page.

Your comment touched me so much, that I decided to do a little research on you and your people. Found this gem at that explains how spam comments end up so crazilicious — it is truly prizewinning.

Here’s their basic explanation:

One way to avoid repeating the same comment over and over without having to write thousands of different original comments is to replace the words in one comment with various synonyms. Recently, a spammer accidentally posted an entire spam template to Scott Hanselman’s blog, where you can see how this synonym substitution works. For example, one comment template reads:

I {want to|wish to|desire to} {read|learn} {more|even more}
{things|issues} {approximately|about} it!

“Approximately” and “about” are indeed synonyms (“He is {approximately | about} six feet tall”), but not in this context. This is why so many of these template-generated comments look so odd. As many freshman writing seminar instructors can attest, automatic thesaurus substitution is a dangerous thing.

Interesting, right? You have to read some of the example comments they’ve found to illustrate this synonym swap. So great.

Anyway, just wanted to give one more shout out to our bot buddy for getting past our spam filter with such a sweet message. I hope the internet people carry forward to be galvanized by our chapters for a covet time.