urbanA couple hundred mosquitoes heard we were looking for new renters to take over our contract, so they took up residence in our house this week.

Then they called their friends and relatives to join us.

We’ve been generous hosts–especially Jude (baby’s got a dozen bites on his face alone)–but it only took a few minutes to turn our hospitality hostile. In the midst of our nightly mosquito murder spree, Ryan asked, would you rather [smack] live in a house infested with mosquitoes [smack] or a house [smack] infested with cockroaches?

I immediately felt better about the mosquitoes and went back to worrying about a few other would you rather scenarios that have been on my mind nonstop lately.

Would you rather…

own or rent?

buy a turn-key or fixer-upper?

live in the city or the suburbs? (in other words: close vs. commute, pre-1930s home vs. post-1990s, or, for our price point, “cozy” vs. colossal)

I was going to elaborate, but there’s been some major drama over here (Would you rather live in a house owned by ursula/shane/president snow or our landlady? Not as easy to answer as you might think…), so I’ll post more on these little dilemmas this weekend. In the meantime, any thoughts on any of these scenarios?