It’s May 30th and I’m completely exhausted.  Granted, we had a big emotional weekend (wedding! travel! New York City!).  But looking back over the last month, I’ve come to realize that May has all the stress of December but without Santa Claus.

Hear me out.  If you have kids (which I do), there are about a million end-of-school events.  School carnivals, dance festivals, and special assemblies requiring my presence (and my volunteer hours) came out of nowhere.  And don’t get me started on the extracurricular events, like the rehearsals, fittings, and hoopla of dance recitals.  I do believe I did more shopping this month than I did in December, as I struggled to find the right gifts for school teachers, dance teachers, graduates, mothers-to-be, and brides/grooms.  My budget and my brain are exploding.

Did I mention two of my kids have birthdays in May?  That meant parties and hostessing and making multiple rounds of Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting (this is the best recipe ever, by the way.  So hard, but so worth it!).

So yeah, by the time you get to being my sister’s maid of honor (I attended six of her seven fittings and addressed 100 of her 450 invitations) and my new calling as first counselor in the primary presidency (I have four months to write and execute the primary program, yo!), I am one tired lady.  I might have listened to “Wonderful Christmastime” a couple times to get me through.  That always does the trick in December.

I promise to share more New York anecdotes and wedding details after I’ve had a nap . . . thanks for letting me vent!