Happy hump day, everyone! (You’re welcome for that.) Since I have nothing noteworthy to write, I thought I’d do another random post of anything presently on my mind.

1. I watched two episodes of season 4 of Arrested Development on Sunday. I was soooo excited when I learned that it would be back on Netflix. But the episodes I watched were totally lame! Someone tell me they get better. Please. Oh please.

2. I need a hobby! I want to get back into playing the piano but I realized I don’t have much room on a non-outdoor wall in our small apartment for a piano. However, I may bite the bullet, buy one, and squeeze it in somewhere. Until then, what’s a good hobby? Anything that has anything to do with art is out. Learning Italian tempts me but then I’d need to live in Italy for at least a month. My hobbies currently consist of nothing.

3. Speaking of TV shows and hobbies, our new favorite show is Suits. Anyone else out there love it? I love everything about it. We’re almost done with season 1 on Amazon instant video. I think my favorite part of the show is Harvey’s hair. And the name Harvey. You now know something about my firstborn son. (No, Jenny.)

4. Memorial Day wasn’t too exciting over here (Lisa’s sounded way better) but it was really nice all the same. We went to our ward’s pancake breakfast, did some grocery shopping, went to Ikea and the outlets, and then had a fancy-ish dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary a day early. When you’re in DC next, do yourself a favor and eat at Zaytinya.

5. Brad and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday! These first two years of being married have taught me a lot. They’ve been fun, challenging, humbling, and wonderful. Marriage is sometimes much harder than I ever thought it would be and also so much more rewarding than I could have imagined. It’s been a great two years and it helps when you marry one of the best ones there is. What would you say is your token piece of advice for a successful marriage?

6. On a lighter note, we’ve been dog sitting my sister-in-law’s dog since Sunday (see the photo above). She’s a very sweet, 5-year-old chocolate lab. But she’s also a lunatic. I’ve had her on the two days I work from home each week and it’s been a struggle to put it mildly. Her favorite things to do are bark, go potty, chase light reflections, and sit on your lap. Oh doggie.

7. We scored free tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday. Yes, I like country music. I’ve seen KC once before but it was 10 years ago which means it was before he only performed in stadiums/arenas. This guy has more energy than anyone I’ve ever seen and he put on a great show. My favorite part of the night was that Eric Church played before Kenny. There is something about a man with a little twang, boots, and a guitar that gets me going. Dream. Boat.