Here’s a little review of the last week over here:

High: Enjoyed a fun day trip to Sequoia National Park during which no one puked

Low: Changed a lot of dirty diapers in strange places on said road trip (there’s something about being in the car that is really . . . relaxing for babies, I guess)

High: Ate delicious (delicious!) BBQ on Memorial Day

Low: Got confused about what day of the week it was and forgot to post on my regular day (whoops!)

High: Got paid for my first freelance job since having baby E

Low: Did not shower until 8:30 p.m. yesterday

High: Enjoyed listening to Sacrament meeting while E played like crazy in the empty nursery room

Low: Just remembered I am teaching YW on Sunday, and, in a fit of desperation, googled, “How to teach young women about the priesthood without barfing.”

But seriously, can anyone help a sister out with some lesson ideas over here? How do I teach about the priesthood in a way that doesn’t complete exclude women? Maybe I should just plan to teach the real history of women and the priesthood and look forward to getting released once I’m done.