So I am currently stewing in what is surely Dante’s Seventh Circle of Hell. Namely an airport terminal during a terminally long layover. In trying to figure out what to do for the next four hours now that I have passed through customs, eaten lunch and gotten a pedicure at the Express Spa (best airport idea ever) I thought I’d share a few photos and a quick story to whet your appetite for my full review once I reach a computer.

So we check in to our first hotel and are conveyed by cart to our little bungalow by the sea. The bellhop deposits our bags and ourselves on the front porch and promptly departs. So we open the door to our beautiful two room suite…..with one bed. The gentleman caller clears his throat meaningfully. I hastily assure him I specifically asked for two beds and immediately dial the front desk. The conversation goes something like this:
Me – hello? Can I speak with the front desk?
Operator – (lots of quick Spanish, which I don’t speak)
Me – no habla espanol, habla ingles?
Operator – silence
Me – recepcion?
Phone rings…
Front desk – Hola!
Me: habla ingles?
Front desk – a little
Me: I’m calling from room 2012 I asked for two beds, can I get a room with two beds?
Front desk – why?
Me: my friend and I……um, don’t share a bed. (seriously)
Front desk – we no have room with two beds, I put you on waiting list.
Me: do you know when one might be available?
Front desk – no.
Me: thank you.
And that is how the GC ended up spending our first 3 nights in the Dominican Republic sleeping on the glorified bench in our parlor. Luckily the view was nice.