My sweet mama.

My sweet mama.

I know Sunday isn’t anyone’s day to post, but since I didn’t post on Wednesday last week, I decided I would make up for it and post today. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you! I hope you’re enjoying all of your favorite things.

We went to my grandma’s house yesterday to visit my mom and grandma for Mother’s Day. While we were there, my aunt found a poem my mom wrote to my grandma for Mother’s Day when my mom was 14. We all had a good, long laugh while reading and I thought it was appropriate to share with you today. Enjoy.

A Mother Is…

“A mother is laughter to wake up to.

A mother is a new dress for the prom.

A mother is a warm blanket.

A mother is an early morning rustle in the kitchen.

A mother is a supper on the patio.

A mother is a footstep in the night.

A mother is a gentle taunt.

A mother is a closet full of freshly ironed shirts.

A mother is a towel picker-upper.

A mother is an alarm clock.

A mother is a house turned upside down in the spring.

A mother is a voice whispering, You can do better.

A mother is iced lemonade on a hot day.

A mother is a light left on to welcome you home.

A mother is a shining sink.

A mother is the fragrance of baking bread.

A mother is our conscience stirred.

A mother is a snack for the crowd after the dance.

A mother is an ample lap.

A mother is the phrase, Of course you can do it, try hard.

A mother is a crisp waffle.

A mother is a cool hand on a hot brow.

A mother is words printed on a page turned into a cake.

A mother is essential when you come home from school.

A mother is a pair of rose colored glasses.

A mother is a sympathetic ear.

A mother is an understanding heart.

A mother is someone who cares constantly and completely.

A mother is someone who puts up with my typing.”

At the end of the poem, my mom writes, “I wrote this because you are what this says. Copy it over if you want to. Mine is so terrible (my typing).”

Happy Mother’s Day!