Since Lisa made this a safe environment to share the most appalling secrets, I decided it was safe for me to share the following story.

Let’s start with a photo shall we? The puffy eyes will be explained. The lack of eyebrows and white collared shirt under my dress will not.


The year was 1997. I was in the 6th grade (sorry Carter). The Anastasia soundtrack had just come out.

This was actually a fantastic soundtrack from start to finish. I challenge any of you to find another cd where you can listen to Kelsey Grammer, Bernadette Peters and Aaliyah in the same sitting. It can’t be done.

Yes. They were all good. But the best, the very BEST song was track 8. Queue music.


To say I loved the song would be a gross understatement. I was obsessed. I can’t remember how I got the cd. I think I bought it at Best Buy or maybe I got it for my birthday. But for like a month straight I would put it in my DiscMan™ at night and fall asleep to that song on repeat- weeping. Uncontrollable sobbing. I just kept imagining my own Dimitri and that someday I would be standing at the beginning with him.

Kristin found out about my secret and made fun of me pretty bad. I think she caught me crying one time and was like, “WHAT are you listening to?” And then ripped off my headphones something dramatic and – okay I’m making this part up- but she did find out and I was super embarrassed and didn’t listen to the song for a couple years.

So there you have it. Sad, sad, weeping Jenny dreaming of future Taylor. And now I’ll leave you with the first picture we ever took together. Just for kicks. Guys, we were strangers starting out on a journey!