So I know I’m posting out of turn, primarily because I didn’t post on my own day last week. and I’m not sorry. Nobody wanted to read anything I would have written that day. Why you may ask? Well Friday was day 2 of a 5 day Juice Fast. Yeah, I know. It was maybe a little extreme, but my daily consumption of chocolate covered pretzels was getting extreme as well and I needed something big to shock me out of my sugar dependence. Plus I had watched the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix and was a little inspired to make some positive changes in my eating habits. Also I had purchased a Breville Juicer a month or so before and it was staring guiltily at me every time I walked by it. “So how did it go?” you’re asking now? Well, it went a little something like this:

Day One – Woke up early, drank my carroty juice for breakfast. Doesn’t taste too bad, better than no breakfast at all which is what I usually do. Green juice for lunch, a bit of an acquired taste, but I am motivated to acquire it. I need to be healthy!! Late afternoon I realize that I have made more trips to the bathroom than all of the people who have passed by my window to go combined. And that is saying a lot. Still all in all I feel pretty good. I can totally do this for 10 days!!!

Day 2 – Feeling a little waterlogged I start with my morning juice, didn’t get up quite so early, or feel quite as sprightly as the day before. I have to take notes for an all day work meeting. I also feed the group breakfast (pastries!!) and Zupas for lunch with their yummy desserts. I sit sanctimoniously sipping my juice, in the end I break and have some salad and soup for lunch. But that’s okay right? It’s still just vegetables? I reform and am very good for dinner having only green juice. I am starting to feel wrathful. Why did I decide to do this? I love food. Food and I belong together. How could anybody ever do this for 30 days straight?


At the very least it is a colorful eating plan. 

Day 3 – Up at 6:30 am for Co-op. It’s raining. I hate the rain (actually I love rain, just not on days when all I eat is juice). I hate the Co-op. I hate my life. I am so cold!!! Finally finish Co-op stuff and I’m soaking wet and freezing cold. But still I feel very evangelical about my juicing, talking about it with everyone who will listen. This makes me feel better. 9:00 am rolls around and I get to help with a breakfast for the company’s Ragnar teams. We are serving baked french toast, all I get for breakfast is juice. This makes me incredibly cranky, but I can do this. I can stick with it. I go home and make more juice for the rest of the day. I actually enjoy the process of juicing things. I find it very satisfying. As if I have personally consumed everything I put in the juicer. Later that afternoon I go up to Heber to help install my sister’s hardwood floors. There is no toilet in their house yet. This is bad news for someone who has to pee every 20 minutes. My mom tells me to go in the outhouse. I’d rather hold it, actually I’d rather die thanks. In short order I am asleep in the car, so tired, grumpy and irritable that I am of no use to anybody. Except possibly as comic relief. I realize I am being obnoxious but can’t stop myself. I want to punch someone in the face. All these happy people and their solid food. Eventually I eat some baby carrots and stop feeling like I want the world to end in a Nuclear Holocaust. This will get better right? What if I just make it a 4 day Juice Fast?

Day 4 – Sunday, thank goodness. I have two juices before church. Walk to and from church in the sunshine and decide this is doable. I can keep going for another day. I will make it! By dinner time though I really want some solid food and eat a baked sweet potato. Still this isn’t all bad.

Day 5 – back to work. It’s easier to do this juice thing at work. I keep the juice at my desk. Sip it slowly through a straw all day and am so busy I never have time to feel crazy. Plus I think my body is becoming accustomed to this whole thing. I can see how people can do this long term but think I will start a more balanced approach to my no refined sugar plan on the morrow.

So now I am still juicing, but also eating real food too. Just trying to make sure that what food I eat is mostly vegetables with a little protein and very very little bread/pasta/dessert. It’s going well. I lost 5 pounds! Good news for me since the Dominican Republic and swimsuits with the Gentleman Caller are coming up. I actually really like the green juices and will continue to consume them for breakfast. I might even do another Juice Fast, but if I do I’ll know to avoid all traces of humanity and catered breakfasts on days 2-4! I’ve included my favorite juice recipe below. I also took some of the leftover juice and turned it into a salad dressing with a little olive oil and some rice vinegar and it was delicious.

Carrot/Orange/Mango Juice

7 carrots

4 Oranges

4 Mangoes

Peel oranges and mangoes. Put mangoes through juicer first and follow up with oranges and carrots last. This will help flush all the mango pulp out of the juicer. Chill and serve or pour over ice and enjoy right then.

I am looking forward to using my juicer for more fun, interesting, and healthy beverages now that I am no longer drinking soda. I think I’ll try a cucumber limeade when we do our summer dinner Jenny! And that’s enough of that. I promise never to talk about juicing again. Friday I will post a ridiculous dessert recipe that will make you all drool and we can pretend this never happened! 🙂